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The Static Excitation System and Voltage Regulator product, the RTX POWER System, is REIVAX’s solution for controlling generators of all sizes.  It was designed to ensure a high performance and reliability combined with the possibility of total customization of its hardware and software.

Its modular structure allows for easy and rapid expansion of the hardware while its software application can be fully configurable thereby meeting the most demanding of applications.  The system is designed for ease of maintenance with withdrawable bridges and breakers that can be replaced off-line and electronic modules that can be replaced on-line.  The system was also designed to be intuitive with a user friendly 15 inch screen with touch technology that is open architecture allowing for much easier configuration and troubleshooting of the system.

The RTX Power excitation systems were developed to function with all kinds of generators or synchronous motors whether vertical or horizontal.

  • Generators with brushes;
  • Brushless Generators;
  • Generators with rotary exciter;
  • Synchronous motors with brushes;
  • Brushless motors;
  • Synchronous motors with rotary exciter

The REIVAX excitation systems are manufactured and tested in Houston, Texas.

REIVAX has full technical support from several offices in North America.