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RVX Power is a state-of-the-art Digital Governor System designed for replacement of existing aging mechanical, analog or early digital Governor Systems such as Woodward, Allis Chalmers, Voith etc.

The brain of the system is a powerful microprocessor controller (CPX05) and a fast I/O module (MAC01) that can act as a single channel system or as a fully redundant system.

Each control channel can be replaced on-line upon failure without affecting the operation of the system.

The I/O module (MAC01) includes a large number of signals with 48DI, 30DO, 16AI, 16AO as well as three (3) dedicated PT and speed input that makes for fewer auxiliary relays and less maintenance.

RVX Power has a powerful 15″ HMI panel that is mounted to the cabinet door and/or in the control room.The HMI includes metering, control, alarm list, SOE, monitoring of hydraulic system, step response test with data logging. The HMI panel was developed with the feedback from more than 40 different US/Canadian utilities and provides an easy interface for changing parameters , limiter etc.

Reivax can supply a complete Governor solution that includes the Digital control cabinet, Hydraulic Power Unit, Main Distribution Valve, Servo Motor Position Feedback, Speed Sensing, Over speed Protection, etc.

All systems are engineered, manufactured and tested in the Houston (TX).