Since 1987, REIVAX has been present in the market of hydroelectric power plants, manufacturing systems with high performance and robustness according to the most rigid technical standards. This experience made REIVAX a reference in the market of modernization of Hydro Power Plants and supplies of large regulating systems. All deliveries are accompanied by our technical staff, from design to field services.. Besides these systems, REIVAX offers specialized services, such as identification of generators, mechanical and hydraulic evaluations for regulation, parametrization of power system stabilizers, training and courses.

Applying the philosophy of system integration, of which REIVAX pioneered in 1999 with the launch of the first integrated voltage and speed regulator RTVX, REIVAX manufactures integrated systems of regulation and automation on the same platform.

This solution gave REIVAX a prominent position in the market for Small Hydro Power (SHP and CGHS), providing equipment with high reliability in compact and optimized structures.

REIVAX ´s integrated solutions allows:

  • Improved efficiency in generation, offering the best combination of market control.
  • Increased availability and reliability, since it has fewer components susceptible to failure.
  • Ease of maintenance, incorporating diagnostic tools, register of events , and analog and digital signals.
  • Single platform that simplifies the learning and facilitates the operation.
  • Sharing of signals, simplified design, interfaces, cables and components.
  • Global Reduction of costs with engineering, installation services and commissioning.
  • The most compact solution and with less power consumption.
  • IEC 61131 Programming language.
  • Lower implementation time and better relation between costs and benefits.

All deliveries are accompanied by our technical staff, from design to field services.

REIVAX´s Integrated systems are present in several small hydro and CGHS, always presenting results above expectations.


integrated regulator and automation