First remote commissioning by REIVAX

Team REIVAX | June, 2020

First remote commissioning by REIVAX

Currently, several paradigms have been changed due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. With the impossibility of making trips due to the closing of borders between countries, services that were previously provided in person were adapted to the remote mode. This is what happened in the supply of the Futaleufú Hydroelectric Plant – Argentina. Altogether, 4 RTX POWER double channel excitation systems were provided, of which 3 were commissioned in person by the REIVAX team, and the last remotely, something unprecedented so far.

The commissioning stage of the equipment at the plant is responsible for ensuring the necessary adjustments for the proper functioning of the equipment. In addition, it is the moment when operators will have a first contact with the equipment they will use. In normal situations, this process is performed by REIVAX professionals on site, who are responsible for carrying out tests, training and assisting operators in the use of RTX, RVX or RTVX. However, due to the current scenario, the REIVAX team, in common agreement with the UHE Futaleufú team, remotely commissioned the last equipment of the supply.

To make this new mode of commissioning feasible, a minimum infrastructure consisting of internet and a notebook with remote access connected to the panel was necessary. With that, the REIVAX teams in Brazil and the UHE Futaleufú were able to carry out equipment validation tests, tests and other adjustments. This challenge could only be overcome with the active participation of the plant’s team, who demonstrated reliability and mastery in the operation of the equipment. The feeling at the end of this commissioning was very satisfying, both for the customer and for REIVAX.



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