Joint Control

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Joint Control

Facilitate the operation of a hydroelectric plant offering greater efficiency and safety is the main JCX POWER goal. In a conventional operation, it’s up to the operator to individually adjust the power references for each machine, according to the dispatching request scheduled for the entire plant.

With JCX POWER joint control, the operator informs the desired total power reference and the controller automatically calculates the individual power references, seeking greater efficiency in power generation and respecting the operating constraints of each generating unit.

REIVAX JCX POWER consists of dedicated hardware and HMI (Human-Machine Interface), facilitating the plant operation and monitoring. The integration with REIVAX or other controller brands is done through communication protocol or analog and digital inputs and outputs.


  • Hydroelectric
  • Thermal
  • Substations
  • Industry

Main Features

  • Equal or optimal load dispatch;
  • Secondary frequency control;
  • Positive and negative spinning reserve, to be used in frequency events or large load variations;
  • Safe operating range, conf


  • Human Machine Interface (HMI):
    • Sophisticated touchscreen graphic interface developed by REIVAXAllows full customization according to the client’s specifications;
    • Ease of unit operation;[...]


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