Mechanical Overspeed Device

Imagem Modx Dispositivo Mecânico de Sobrevelocidade


Mechanical Overspeed Devicee

Synchronous generators are driven by different hydraulic turbines, which operate at different speeds. In case of load rejections (total or partial), the turbine-generator set overspeed may occur. In extreme cases, where the actuator isn’t closed quickly, the machine may reach dangerous speeds. To ensure process safety, the REIVAX MODX mechanical overspeed pendulum ensures fast closing of the main actuator.


  • Hydroelectric

Main Features

  • Made of oxidation-resistant materialCorrosion-resistant electrostatic painting;
  • Installed on a support that is immune to excessive vibrations;
  • No power supply required;
  • Allows SOE indi


  • Easy Operation;
  • Easy Maintenance;
  • Easy commissioning;
  • Allows SOE indication of RVX POWER when actuated (optional);
  • Enables the tripping of RVX POWER’s internal oscillogr

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