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Power Plant Controller

REIVAX’s Power Plant Controller (PPCX) offers a unique environment for coordinated operation and control of assets involved in wind power generation and substation, such as wind turbines, capacitors/inductors, and transformers.

This system is installed in the substation control room and is responsible for dispatching the power produced by the generating units, capacitor/inductor input and output command, and tap adjustment.

The REIVAX PPCX is responsible for ensuring compliance with the grid connection criteria of the power plant, with mandatory presence in centralized wind power plants. Optionally it ensures a proper voltage range for the plant’s local loads, associated with low and medium voltage.


  • Wind Power

Main Features

  • Joint and coordinated control of the wind turbines;
  • Production control:
    • Active power limitation at the connection point to the grid;
    • Active power regulation as a function of the grid f


  • Controller redundancy (optional);
  • Joint and coordinated control of the other plant assets: capacitors/inductors and transformers;
  • Automatic (or manual) control of the substation’s transfo

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