Compact Excitation System - RTX ENERGY

RTX Energy – excitation system


Fig. 1: 20 Adc AVR on a mounting panel
Fig. 2: 400 Adc Static Excitation System

The Reivax RTX ENERGY product can be used as a Static Excitation System or as an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), controlling small and medium sized synchronous machines.

The ENERGY Line products combine the high performance of the POWER Line products with a more standard approach, providing an easy-to-install product with an exceptional cost-benefit ratio.

The RTX ENERGY product can be used for brush or brushless exciters with a field current of 0 – 550 Adc continuous current.

Main Features:

  • Single or Redundant channel control(s) and power section(s);
  • Four control modes (AUTO, Manual, VAR, and PF Control);
  • Power Systems Stabilizer (IEEE 421.5 PSS2B);
  • Automatic tuning helper;
  • Limiters (OEL, V/Hz, UEL, SCL, MEL);
  • Protections (24, 27, 32, 37F, 40/32Q, 50/51, 59, 59F, 76F, 81O/U);
  • Reactive current compensation;
  • Three (3) AVR parameter sets for online & offline modes;
  • Bumpless transfer between auto & manual mode;
  • Built-in soft start function;
  • Voltage matching;
  • Local interface and remote communication (Modbus);
  • Sequence Of Events (SOE);
  • Real-time supervision of the Capability curve;

Also, check our Free Standard Excitation System Specification that we developed to make it easy for engineers to easily define the project scope and requirements. The procurement specification is provided as an open file so that the document can be adapted as needed. The static excitation template covers the crucial aspects of exciter design.