Excitation System (AVR) - RTX POWER

RTX Power - Excitation System

Fig. 1: 6,000 Adc RTX Power Static Excitation System
Fig. 2: Conduction monitoring screen on 15" HMI

The Reivax RTX POWER product can be used as a Static Excitation System or as an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), controlling medium and large sized synchronous machines.

The Energy Line products combine the high performance of the POWER Line products with a more standard approach, providing an easy-to-install product with an exceptional cost-benefit ratio.

The RTX POWER product can be used for generators and motors with a field current 0 – 10,000 Adc continuous current.

A high-speed controller with 48DI, 32DO, 16AI and 16 Analog Outputs and additional I/O expansion, full programmability, vast memory and processor speed, the controller is suitable not only for Excitation Systems, but it can also be used for governor systems, either as an integrated system (RTVX POWER) or as a separate governor (RVX POWER).

The product was tested and found compliant by a third party, Kestrel Power Engineering, to IEEE421.5 control loops, limiters and PSS. The RTX POWER  is suitable for use where the most stringent grid codes apply.

The RTX POWER is a versatile system for use in Synchronous Generators, Motors (pumps, compressors etc.), as well as Synchronous Condensers. The system can be configured with redundant controls and thyristor bridges, in any desired combination.  Larger heavier thyristor bridges are offered with draw-out capability for ease of maintenance and replacement.

Communication to plant SCADA/PLC is possible with ModHbus, DNP3.0 and various IEC protocols.  IRIG-B time sync (1ms) is also available.

With a state-of-art 15” HMI screen, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting is made easy using intuitive screens for metering, step response testing, trending, Sequence Of Events (SOE), datalogger, graphic view of IEEE421.5 control loop, Capability curve, I/O testing, open loop control test function, built-in frequency response tool for PSS testing, automatic tuning tool etc.