Excitation System (AVR) - RTX POWER

Excitation System – RTX POWER


Reivax’s RTX Power product can be used as a Static Excitation system or as an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), controlling medium and large sized synchronous machines.

User feedback was gathered from more than twenty-five (25) US and Canadian electrical utilities as input for the final product specification of the RTX Power product.  One reoccurring comment received was “Why does an Excitation System have to be so complicated to maintain, test and troubleshoot?”  The Reivax R&D team took this comment to heart and developed a high-performance excitation system with an easy to use interface, which de-mystifies the “black box” concept of an Excitation System.  Other “must have” factors noted from our user base included:

  • Reliability;                        Reivax redundancy options and thermal capacity dimensioning
  • NERC testing;                  Reivax automatic AVR and PSS tuning solution
  • Increased availability;       Reivax solution for pin-pointing the exact failure location
  • Easy maintenance;           Reivax solution with draw-out thyristor bridges
  • Spare part availability;      Reivax two (2) north American spare part inventory locations
  • Training tool;                    Run Reivax virtual closed-loop simulator from the comfort of your office