Excitation System (AVR) - RTX POWER

Excitation System – RTX POWER


The Excitation and Voltage Regulation RTX POWER System is at the center of REIVAX´s applications for controling generators, of medium and large sizes.  It was designed to ensure a high performance and reliability, combined with the possibility of total customization of its hardware and software.

Its modular structure allows an easy and rapid expansion of hardware.  Its software application can be fully configurable, thus attending the most varied necessities and circumstances of each application.  For each panel of equipment, an intelligent module is responsible for monitoring the state and components, integrating the information of these modules to the control CPU  through an intelligent data bus, eliminating all wire-wrap connections.  This guarantees a quick diagnosis and a much smaller MTTR in comparison with conventional rack structures.

The systems were developed to be installed in all kinds of generators or synchronous vertical or horizontal motors.

  • Generators with brushes;
  •  Brushless Generators;
  •  Generators with rotary exciter;
  •  Synchronous motors with brushes;
  •  Brushless motors;
  •  Synchronous motors with rotary exciter