Integrated Systems – RTVX POWER

Integrated Systems – RTVX POWER

The Integrated Voltage and Speed Regulation RTVX Power Systems were developed to integrate the voltage regulation system and speed governor system, optimizing the signals and resources. The RTVX Power performs all supervision, control, and automation functions related to the generating unit, and can be fully customized meet the most demanding projects.  We can supply the complete system or components, according to the needs of each client.

The Integrated Voltage and Speed Regulation RTVX Power Systems can be applied in full or partial modernization of the system or in new projects for hydroelectric power generation.The systems are designed to be installed in any type of generating unit attending the primary machine (turbine) and the generator, either vertically or horizontally, and can be customized for each particular need.

Types of Turbine: 
– Francis turbine (Single or Double);
– Turbine Kaplan;
– Pelton Turbine (Single or Double) with nozzle or on / off deflectors;

Types of generators and motors:
– Generators with brushes;
– Brushless Generators ;
– Generators with a rotating exciter;
– Synchronous motors with brushes;
– Brushless motors;
– Synchronous motors with a rotating exciter;
– Customized Special Projects.
The integrated voltage and speed regulation RTVX Power system can be fully supplied with hydraulic control system and excitation transformer, or only the control part with an adaptation to the hydraulic system