Power Plant Automation - VISION SYSTEMS

Power Plant Automation – VISION SYSTEMS

 Automation and protection for power management, optimization, scada and data acquisition
Power management system – PMSX VISION

The PMSX VISION systems allow power management of electric power systems that operate alone or interconnected with other generating units. It has logic that cause disposal loads, at pre-established order, in some cases where the process variable is below a certain set value, as is the case of the electrical system frequency.

Logical balance of active and reactive power from generating units can be implemented in PMSX VISION, aiming operation stations that have large number generator units operating in parallel.

Other various logic could be implemented, including the transfer of information to the central supervisory systems for communication protocols.


Control systems set of active power (Joint Load Control) and control systems set of voltage and reactive power (Joint Voltage Control) were implemented by different REIVAX in power generation, both hydroelectric and thermoelectric.

The division of power between machines is something important in plants that have large number of generating units. Normally, such a balance occurs from the measurement of the powers of each machine, and simple division sum by the number of machines in operation.

However, some plants have different curves for each of the machines performance, it is necessary to implement special logic to the correct order of each machine, aiming at the optimization of generation.

A system implemented by REIVAX is quoted below:

During the year 2013 was developed and put into operation by Reivax a system of joint control with innovative features.

This system, in addition to traditional sets and controls the load voltage, provides for distribution of load among the units in operation, considering the yield (MW/m3/s) of each of the machines at the point of overall plant operation selected by the operator , which leads to substantial gains in yield the agent generator.

Moreover, the system takes a stand to control grid frequency, supporting the meshes primary speed controller. Another important feature is the inclusion in the control of the notions of positive and negative spinning reserves, limiting the scope of operation of the generator to allow it to help the electrical system in times of sudden load change.

From the point of view of the operation, the system takes corrective action with a time much smaller than the response time of the operator response, equating support the recovery of the electrical system with the need to work with the machines on your point of better yield . This type of activity can be crucial to avoid cascading effects due to faults in the electrical system, working quickly to balance load-generation.

The work involved a survey of the characteristics of each machine, the specification and modeling of the driver software, manufacturing and commissioning of the system. The interface between the existing system and regulatory occurs by references on their command, so that the system can easily be replicated in other plants.

This system was implemented in a major hydroelectric central Peru, which has four machines of 70MW and is regulating the frequency of that country.

Controle Conjunto Otimizado

MAX10 – Portable Instrumentation for Field Testing in Power Systems
REIVAX has developed the MAX10, which is a dedicated instrument for power system testing: validation testing, problem / consultancy analysis, performance and readjustment of control systems, commissioning and decommissioning.

MAX10 has all the necessary software and hardware tools for this type of service.

Portable Instrumentation for Field Testing in Power Systems – MAX 10

Power substations, ancillary services for power plants, making Dágua hydraulic plants and drainage wells are some of the systems could be automated, monitored and reviewed by PSC VISION system.

Combining simplicity, robustness and flexibility with space saving engineering, cables, equipment, interface and field service, the PSC has VISION system programming language of high level IEC61131, timestamp of 1 ms, native optical isolation at all points of inputs and outputs, TCP / IP, Modbus, DNP 3.0 and IEC 60870-5 communication protocols allowing it to be connected directly to the supervisory and control systems E3/SAGE VISION.


REIVAX offers supervisory systems for various segments.

Control Centers – VISION Center
The control centers are formed by a database in real time, connected to the process and the operator terminals, engineering and historical database. Represents a robust and scalable architecture that enables centralized control of the generation plants of any size. With our centers you can control the operation and remote supervision of all power plants

Supervision and Control Softwares – VISION SAGE

The VISION SAGE is based on a distributed and redundant architecture. Multiple computers can be connected through a local network, ensuring the scalability of computing resources. The physical configuration of the network is transparent, allowing the use of driversas network technologies such as Ethernet, FDDI / CDDI, ATM, etc.. The distributed environment can consist of a wide variety of equipment, from PC-type microcomputers to mainframes, through RISC workstations and servers, it can even be from different manufacturers. The use of redundant configurations and sophisticated control software ensure high reliability and availability, and ease of maintenance. The software architecture is modular SAGE, supported by various versions of UNIX, in accordance with XPG4 level, Base Profile X / OPEN. The TCP / IP protocol is used for communication in local network. Various modules and subsystems are used to compose three distinct environments.

SCADA Platform

The SCADA software VISION is a line based on platforms E3 or SAGE, two of the most complete software for supervisory control and generation processes of the market application, developed for the most modern requirements of portability, interconnectivity, flexibility, modularity, scalability and reliability.


  • The VISION allows communication with numerous open communication protocols and other equipment, and can accommodate both local and geographically distributed systems.
  • Applications developed with the VISION using object orientation. This increases the quality of the application, reducing programming costs and system maintenance.
  • With the VISION applications with scalability and upgradeability to constant evolution were built, whether simple HMI (Human Machine Interface) or complex operations centers in real-time.
  • Exclusive client-server architecture with network transparently without the need to copy the application between seasons.

The protection and control panels PPC VISION form a family of modular panels and standardized protection, used for hydroelectric power generation, thermoelectric, nuclear or wind.

It can connect natively to the supervisory and control systems E3/SAGE VISION. May also come equipped with inner frame 19 “and front door with acrylic display. 

The PPC VISION allows implementing numerous functions:

  • Generator Protection;
  • Line Protection;
  • Bus Protection;
  • Transformer Protection;
  • Protection of Capacitor Bank;
  • Feeder Protection.

REIVAX provides customized for automation and control of generating unit ACUs and may be responsible for controlling the various systems of the unit from the state machine stop to machine synchronized with the electrical system at full load. Moreover, the ACUs can run the management of the protections and the sequence of events at all points.

There is also the possibility to automate only a few auxiliary machine systems or common systems across machines such as drainage control systems, substations, water intake, spillway, logic of circuit breaker auxiliary power services, etc.

These systems can be developed on a platform of hardware REIVAX or on a platform of consolidated market. Our team is qualified for development of large systems and high reliability.


  • Redundant controllers
  • Redundancy of input and output modules
  • Software application developed in accordance with IEC 61131
  • Expansion of inputs and outputs as required
  • Direct measurements Transduction, command, control and protection
  • Management of Alarms
  • Totality of points with 1ms sequence of events
  • Supervision of equipment status
  • Engineering customer-oriented, with high product customization

Digital Control and Supervision System DCSS

The REIVAX digital control and supervision system, is formed by the SCADA software and acquisition and control units that have an innovative technology that integrates the automation and control devices in a flexible, modular, scalable and distributed architecture. This new technology makes it possible to automate a plant to generate most economical and safest way, using fewer components and thus increasing their reliability.