Power system stabilizer (PSS)

Power System Stabilizer (PSS)

While most new digital excitation systems today include an integrated Power System Stabilizer (PSS), Reivax also offers a stand alone PSS, which can be installed together with older analog excitation systems or in digital excitation systems where an integrated PSS is not available.

The PSS provides dampening against mechanical oscillations created by system disturbances.

REIVAX stand-alone PSS is utilizing the same hardware as REIVAX RTX POWER excitation systems and REIVAX RTV POWER governor system. The mounting plate can easily be installed into an existing cabinet to interface with.

The PSS function is implemented as per IEEE 421.5 PSS2C and includes the following features:

  • Built-in frequency response tool with automated tuning tool
  • Three (3) adjustable lead-lag filters
  • Two (2) PSS gains, one for normal operation and one for the turbine rough zone

The frequency response result is displayed in a Bode plot. Once the PSS tuning is performed, the phase result can be exported as a spreadsheet format and compared to the WECC requirement through the given frequency range.

In addition to the PSS function, the stand-alone PSS can also be used as a data acquisition unit, providing analog and digital signals to the plant SCADA/PLC via Ethernet Modbus or other industry standard protocol.

Also, check our Free Standard Excitation System Specification that we developed to make it easy for engineers to easily define the project scope and requirements. The procurement specification is provided as an open file so that the document can be adapted as needed. The static excitation template covers the crucial aspects of exciter design.