Speed Governor – RVX POWER

Speed Governor – RVX POWER


Speed Governor RVX POWER Systems were developed for the speed and power controls of turbines to generate electric energy.  Besides their primary functions of regulation, they can perform all the supervision, command and automation functions  connected to the energy generation system turbines. The speed governor RVX Power system can be fully customized to attend even the most demanding projects.  We can supply the complete system or only its parts, according to the needs of each client.

The Speed Governor RVX Power system can be applied in full or partial modernization of the system or in new projects of electric generation turbines. The systems are designed to be installed in any type of turbine, being vertical or horizontal, and customized according to each particular need, with the following types of turbines:

  • Francis turbine (Single or Double);
  • Kaplan Turbine;
  • Pelton Turbine (Single or Double) with nozzle or on/off deflectors;
  • Customized Projects to special turbines.;

The speed governor RVX Power system can be fully supplied with the hydraulic system of control or uniquely with an adjustment to the hydraulic system.

The projects can be done with hydraulic systems in high or low pressure.