Success through Globalization

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Success through Globalization

REIVAX throughout the years has managed to achieve success through its Globalization process.

This process can be seen and understood as a long term commitment to generate value to customers, partners and company staff improving its whole supply chain. It started back in its foundation and has required REIVAX to face and overcome countless challenges in order to cope in this ever changing scenario of the power generation market.

It has allowed REIVAX to better acquire and access specialty material and labour, adapt the product to new standards, gain scale and develop new techniques. As result, REIVAX became a stronger and respected organization in its markets around the World.

In its first steps, REIVAX approached markets where its technology and advantages would be easily accepted and assimilated. These markets expanded the boundaries and helped the company to prepare itself for the most challeging task of getting into markets dominated by the presence of centenary and traditional multinational corporations. It did not take long to understand that in order to cope in this strict market, it would not be enough to simply have access to it.

We undoubtedly acted very fast to adapt the communication and the product before putting it into the play. However, to be a world reference in electric power control and automation solutions market, we had to put our values into test and so focus on results, quality improvement, continuous innovation, ethical and professional behavior were the key. Most important of all, it would not have all been possible if we could not count on our most valuable asset which is our people. The creativity and high qualification of our staff aligned with deep technical knowledge and the right partner in each location led us to an outstanding performance worldwide.

After a lot of hard work, today we can celebrate the fact that we have our branches in Canada, Switzerland and Brazil, with partners around the globe. Our products have been proved to be reliable by most strict standards, laboratories and technology centers in the world, safety and continously controlling the power generation in more than 40 countries in all continents.

We are very thankful to our customers. They are the reason of our existance and we shall remain commited to honor their trust in the many years to come.

Author: Alexandre Augusto Benitti

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