REIVAX replaces excitation system for Mitsubishi Synchronous Condenser


The Synchronous Condenser plant was commissioned in 1979.  After an owner change of the plant, the technical knowledge of the OEM’s excitation system was lost and in addition  it was becoming more difficult to find parts for the old system. These were the driving factors for the excitation system replacement, and a decision was made to replace the system with a more up-to-date technology that would meet today’s regulatory requirements and that also would be supported for years to come.

After a competitive RFP process, Reivax was awarded the full turn-key project, which included the following scope of work:
– Retrofit the existing electrical building
– Supply of one (1) Static Excitation system
– Removal of the existing Mitsubishi static excitation system
– Installation of the new Reivax RTX Power static excitation system
– Commissioning and training

The existing 4.0MVA oil-filled excitation transformer was in good condition and was subsequently retained. The bus duct between the PPT and the electrical building was also retained along with the DC bus duct.  The new excitation system was required to interface with both the PPT AC connections as well as the DC connection.

Electrical building for the excitation system – Before picture.

Electrical building for the excitation system – After picture.

Project completion and System details

As the customer required redundant SCR bridges for both positive and negative current, the new REIVAX RTX Power Static Excitation system was configured with three (3) positive SCR bridges and two (2) negative SCR bridges. While the negative field current requirement was substantially lower, the negative SCR bridges were furnished with the same SCRs as the positive SCR bridges in order to facilitate spare part handling etc.

The customer also required that any heat emitted from the excitation system to be ventilated outside the electrical building.  As such, REIVAX constructed an air duct system over the excitation line-up, exhausting the hot air externally of the building.

With the new REIVAX static excitation system the customer will enjoy a reliable operation for years to come and the reassurance of parts availability and technical support if needed.

If you are interested to know more about this project or if you have an upcoming excitation project that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact:
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Electrical SCR bridge arrangement.

Reivax RTX Power excitation system for Synchronous Condenser.