Pre-Engineered Digital Governors Systems

Reivax RVX Energy Digital governor systems are available for any hydro turbine with up to two (2) control loops.  Available configurations are:

• Francis with or without distribution valve
• Kaplan without distribution valve
• Pelton with control for 1 nozzle/1 deflector or 2 nozzles

Redundant control option is also available to increase the system reliability even further.

Our pre-engineered solutions, provides an exceptional cost-benefit ratio targeting smaller power plants where it can be more difficult to justify an investment in our RVX Power Digital governor system.  The majority of the functionality in our RVX Power product is also available in our RVX Energy product.  Key features include:

  • • Over sixty (60) hardwired I/O points
  • • Modbus TCP/IP communication for SCADA interface
  • • IRIG-B time synchronization
  • • Four (4) control modes (frequency, power, opening and level control)
  • • Grid connected and isolated mode operation
  • • Speed droop
  • • Gate opening limiter
  • • Creep detection
  • • Control and supervision of the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
  • • eVision workstation software for PID tuning and configuration
  • • Built-in step response tool

RVX Energy Digital governor systems are available as a mounting panel / wall-mounted enclosure or in a full height cabinet.

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