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Imagem Modx Dispositivo Mecânico de Sobrevelocidade

MODX – Mechanical Overspeed Device

Our REIVAX MODX system protects the turbine-generator set from damage that can occur during overspeed. Applicable to generating units from 1MVA to 1,000MVA, this product is easy to install and has an exceptional cost-benefit ratio. REIVAX MODX can contain an electrical contact for signaling activation (optional), which can be monitored and indicated in the HMI of the RVX POWER, RTVX POWER or RVX ENERGY.

DVX – Electro-Hydraulic Actuator – Distributing Valves

The DVX line products are solutions consisting of a distributor valve and hydraulic actuators. This set is responsible for controlling the water flow that reaches the turbine and consequently the torque available for power generation. This product line is intended for large systems, which have hydraulic actuators controlled by distributor valves, which in turn, are controlled by proportional valves that receive analog current or voltage signals from the controller.

PVX – Electro-Hydraulic Actuator – Proportional Valves

The PVX product line are solutions consisting of hydraulic actuators that control the water flow to the turbine and consequently, the available torque for power generation. These actuators are controlled by proportional valves that receive analog current or voltage signals from the controller and then, control the position of the hydraulic actuators.

HPUX – Hydraulic Power Unit

The HPUX product line consists of equipment that supply pressurized hydraulic oil to the automation and control systems of all types of hydraulic turbines, and are responsible for the generation, storage, conditioning, and remote monitoring of the main hydraulic oil variables used by the systems of a hydroelectric power plant.

The design and development of the products meet the specific requirements of each application, ensuring maximum availability and compliance with international standards. The HPUX line also contemplates total or partial modernizations of existing hydraulic power units.

SGR01 – Digital Controller for Hydro Governor

The SGR01 is a speed/power controller used in hydroelectric power generation units. It controls small and medium-sized hydraulic turbines, and a few of the associated processes. It has features that include the control, automation, and supervision of the generation process.

AVR01 – Digital Controller for Voltage Regulators

The AVR01 is a digital controller, belonging to the M28G2 platform, used for controlling the excitation of small and medium sized synchronous machines. Using the PWM output, it controls the tripping of an external power driver.

The excitation system is responsible for supplying direct current to the synchronous machine’s field windings.

Produto Reivax - DRV04

DRV04 – Thyristor-based Power Drive for Digital Voltage Regulators

The DRV04 is a thyristor-based three-phase rectifier and contains all the necessary electronic circuitry for voltage regulator applications. The drive processes power for excitation of synchronous machines and receives a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) reference signal from the regulator, proportional to the tripping angle.

It contains all the necessary sensors for voltage control, measuring the main quantities involved, and doesn’t require the use of external sensors to close the regulator’s current control loops.

DRV04 has 75A, 200A, and 400A versions.


TTM01 – Digital Controller for Thyristor Rectifiers

The TTM01 is a digital controller, belonging to the M28G2 platform, used in excitation systems to perform the tripping and supervision of a thyristor bridge. It integrates with CPX05 and MAC01 controllers through the CANopen network, monitoring the temperature and conduction current of each thyristor, and the fuse and fan states of the bridge.

Based on the control signal sent by the MAC01 and the measured synchronism voltages, it calculates six independent pulses for controlling the complete three-phase Thyristor Bridge. The generated pulses must be isolated and amplified through the AP02 or AP01 modules (pulse amplifiers).

DRV01 – IGBT based Power Drive for Digital Voltage Regulators

DRV01 is used as a power interface in voltage regulators for brushless exciter generators. Through PWM signal, it controls the voltage on the field coil, which in turn controls the terminal voltage of the generator where it is installed. By having field voltage and current internal measurements, it doesn’t require the use of external sensors to close the control loop.

DRV01 controls inductive or resistive loads. The simplest topology is the chopper, which allows the control of up to 20A in one quadrant (positive current and voltage).

DIO01 – Digital Controller with Digital Inputs and Outputs

DIO01 is a digital input/output module. Through the CANopen network interface, it sends the values acquired at the inputs and controls the outputs. DIO01 is used in the Power line to expand the number of digital inputs and outputs, for cases where the number of inputs and outputs of the MAC01 is insufficient for the application. The DIO01 has 80 digital inputs and 50 digital outputs.

DIO01 is a digital input/output expansion module. Based on the M28G2 platform, it’s applied in automations associated with the POWER Regulator.

MAC01 – Digital Controller with Digital and Analog Inputs and Outputs

The MAC01 is an input, output, and control module. The communication interface is used to send the values acquired at the inputs and to control the outputs.

The module can be interfaced via the CANopen network or serial Modbus communication. An internal loop can be used for excitation control of synchronous machines, whose control signal is sent through the CANopen interface and PWM outputs.

The MAC01 is used in the POWER line for implementing control systems with various features.

CPX05 – Digital Controller for Regulation and Automation Systems

The CPX05 is an x86 CPU-based programmable controller, developed for use in voltage regulators and Digital Hydro Governor s, interfacing with communication and time synchronization. It has local HMI and an interface to remote graphic HMI.

A complete failover and enabling interface ensures reliability and control of the CPX05, which can operate either alone or in a redundant scheme. The acquired data can be time-stamped if a GPS receiver with IRIG-B output is available. Time synchronization can be provided via Ethernet by NTP.

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