Combined System

Our Combined System RTVX POWER incorporates all the advantages of RTX POWER (Excitation System) and RVX POWER (Governor) into one solution.

Both the Excitation System and Governor are required to be fully functional in order to operate a turbine/generator. Therefore, REIVAX offers an option to combine the control functions for both systems onto the same platform: the RTVX Combined System. This reduces the hardware count and increases the overall system reliability. Further, it simplifies the operator interface by using a single HMI panel that allows you access either application.

RTVX Power additional benefits include:

  1. One software interface tool
  2. Single HMI screen
  3. Combined drawings and manuals
  4. Single NERC compliance testing
  5. Simplified training for plant personnel
  6. Reduced commissioning time
  7. Reduced risk for the customer

The reliability can be further increased by adding a redundant controller, where both functions are loaded into each of the controllers.

If you would like to discuss these features with a qualified engineer to better understand the advantages, please call our toll free number 1-877-7REIVAX or click on the “contact us” button and complete the form.

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