REIVAX is awarded 8 excitation and governor systems

REIVAX is awarded 8 excitation and governor systems

REIVAX is awarded 8 excitation and governor systems 600 500 REIVAX

REIVAX is awarded an eight (8) unit contract to supply combined excitation and governor systems

Montreal (January 25th, 2023) – REIVAX NORTH AMERICA has been awarded a contract to replace excitation and governor systems to eight (8) generating units for a large Canadian utility owner.

The contract includes the following scope:
– Eight (8) Reivax RTVX POWER combined redundant excitation/governor controllers
– Eight (8) Static Excitation power sections including Excitation Transformers (PPTs)

The contract is part of a larger retrofit project that will be carried out in the next coming years. Reivax North America is pleased to have been selected as a trusted partner by the turbine OEM.


REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, part of a global company, headquartered in Montreal with manufacturing in Houston, provides solutions in static excitation systems and digital governors. Our high-performance systems offer customers increased reliability while creating simplicity in the station from our very intuitive Human Machine Interface panels and easily maintained equipment. We provide our customers with complete support through commissioning, training, spare parts and service available 24 hours per day year-round through our toll-free number 1-877-7REIVAX.

If you would like more information please check our our latest case studies and learn more about what solutions we can provide for: excitation systems, digital governors and combined systems.