Excitation System

Our excitation system RTX POWER controls all sizes of synchronous machines, generators or motors, and provides an easy-to-install product with an exceptional cost-benefit ratio.

Excitation System

REIVAX is a global excitation system manufacturer and excitation system supplier of both digital voltage regulators (AVR) and digital static excitation systems. Our modular solution means we have a single platform solution for any size synchronous machine with field current ratings from 10 Amps to 7,000 Amps.

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Ease of Maintenance

The excitation system RTX POWER is equipped with an extensive monitoring package combined with a powerful software interface to quickly isolate system feedback and to simplify maintenance.

Testing and Compliance

REIVAX has simplified Commissioning and NERC Compliance Testing by putting control back in the hands of our customers. With our easy-to-use tools you will no longer be reliant on OEM services and can reduce strain on your maintenance budgets.

Increased Reliability

Increasing system availability through reliable equipment is imperative to our customer’s operational revenue. That is why reliability is the single most important requirement we consider in our design, workmanship and material selection.


The RTX POWER hardware, software and interface tools are identical for a 1 MVA to 1,000 MVA machine.  This reduces spare part inventory and makes it easy for personnel to operate and test the systems. Utilities with a large fleet benefit from having the same excitation controls for any size machine.


The RTX POWER excitation system solution combines advanced instrumentation and an intuitive user interface to quickly identify maintenance feedback. The draw-out capability of the thyristor bridge allows for easy access of SCRs and fuses.


Coordination with other plant events is easily done by time synchronizing the RTX POWER excitation system with an IRIG-B signal and by utilizing the high frequency (1ms) sampling capabilities of the REIVAX event recorder. An expanded Datalogger functionality with eight (8) triggers and pre/post recording allows customers to view the system behavior if any of the user configurable triggers are activated.

Excitation System_Increased Reliability_RTX Power

If you would like to discuss these features with a qualified engineer to better understand the advantages, please call our toll free number 1-877-7REIVAX or click on the “contact us” button and complete the form.


Reduce your commissioning time and achieve earlier commercial operation. Whether you perform the commissioning yourself or if done by a REIVAX service engineer, our system offers various tools to make pre-commissioning and spinning tests easier. From built-in analog and digital I/O testing to auto-tuning of the control loop.


NERC testing is significantly facilitated with the intuitive RTX POWER excitation system software interface featuring a graphical representation of the IEEE 421.5 transfer function, built-in step response feature, chart recorder and ability to change tuning parameters for the closed loop control and limiters all from one tool. Power System Stabilizer (PSS) testing is easily performed using the built-in frequency response tool without the need of additional external instrumentation.


Keep your excitation system in top shape with REIVAX periodic testing tools. Thyristor bridge testing is made possible without operating the generator or motor by using the open loop control feature where customers are able to directly change the firing angle in order to verify the correct operation of all SCRs and monitoring circuits. The correct operation of current sharing between bridges, SCR temperatures, fuse and cooling fan monitoring can also be validated using our HMI interface.

Excitation System Testing Compliance RTX Power

If you would like to discuss these features with a qualified engineer to better understand the advantages, please call our toll free number 1-877-7REIVAX or click on the learn more button and complete the form.


The REIVAX design features a segregation of the RTX POWER excitation system controller from the heat emitting power section, so that electronics are not exposed to unnecessary heat. The electronic circuitry is shielded from the heat in a dedicated enclosure or section in the cubicle. REIVAX design philosophy is to overdesign each system by 20-30% compared to the nominal operating requirements in order to increase the life expectancy of the excitation system.


Depending on budget constraints as well as physical space limitations, REIVAX provides customers with the solution that offers the best value. A selection of redundancy is offered for power supplies, cooling fans, control channels, I/O interface and thyristor bridges.


Customers can select which configuration that match their needs. Sharing of current between two (2) or more thyristor bridges or a hot stand-by configuration with two (2) thyristor bridges.

If you would like to discuss these features with a qualified engineer to better understand the advantages, please call our toll free number 1-877-7REIVAX or click on the learn more button and complete the form.

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