Reivax offers a variety of solutions for retofitting existing OEM systems.  Complete replacements or partial upgrades are available for a range of OEM systems, including:

General Electric:  Alterex, Althyrex, Amplidyne, EX2000, SILCOmatic
Westinghouse:  WMA, WTA, PRX, TRA, MGR, WTA-300, WDR-2000, ECS2100
Siemens:  EX-1, EX-2, Sidur 2000
Basler:  SR, SSR, DECS300, DECS400


For a complete list of OEM retrofit options, please click on the download button below to access our OEM retrofit chart.

Reivax versitile RTX Power excitation controls can be utilized for any static excitation retrofit or voltage regulator application, regarless of current/voltage range.  The power section is adapted to the specific current/voltage requirement, 0-7,000Adc and 0-1,500Vdc.

Partial retrofit options are also offered where a new control section is furnished while maintaining the existing power section.  This option extends the life of the existing excitation asset at a reasonable cost by replacing obsolete control components and providing modern communication and diagnostic features.

All the Latest News & Cases

Ontario Power Generation – Pine Portage and Cameron Falls 1440 642 REIVAX

Ontario Power Generation – Pine Portage and Cameron Falls

Reivax attended IEEE PES Conference Meeting in Atlanta 2019.

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7 x 118 MVA – Exciter Project 866 631 REIVAX

7 x 118 MVA – Exciter Project

Static Excitation systems for 826MVA project completed ahead of schedule by Reivax The project scope included: Supply and installation of new excitation systems and transformers…

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Nine (9) Motor Excitation Units 768 428 REIVAX

Nine (9) Motor Excitation Units

California Department of Water Resources – Citrus and Crafton Hills Pump Stations (CA) AVR upgrades for new pump/motors The aim of the major upgrade project…

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