Excitation System Specification

We developed an excitation system specification that covers the most common industry requirements: and it is free for you.

Excitation System


If you are interested in best practices for excitation system design, REIVAX has developed a standard excitation system specification and we are making this document available for free.

This free excitation system specification is a template that covers the most common industry requirements and ensures compliance with IEEE 421.5 and MOD24-26 + PRC19. It makes easier for engineers to define the project scope and requirements. The excitation system specification is provided as an open file so the document can be adapted as needed. Moreover, the static excitation template covers the crucial aspects of exciter design from:

  • Mechanical requirements and best practices;
  • Rectifier converter requirements. Including converter redundancy, fan redundancy, temperature monitoring and other features;
  • Modern control requirements for a microprocessor based system. Including, control and I/O redundancy and communications interface (IRIG-B, Modbus etc.);
  • Latest features to simplify tuning, modeling and compliance. For example tuning helpers, frequency sweep capability as well as on-board datalogging and conversion to COMTRADE format;

Our excitation system specification template is generic and meant to cover typical industry standards. However, if you would like to learn more about the Reivax RTX POWER excitation system please visit our product page.

The RTX POWER has the most intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the market. It is easy to learn and to use in addition of having a functional design that clearly displays all information needed for field operation. RTX POWER can be used as a Static Excitation System or an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), controlling medium and large sized synchronous machines.

Let us know about any suggestions or specific requirements that we can include to further improve the free excitation system specification. Additionally check our latest Case Studies and stay informed.

If you would like to discuss these features with a qualified engineer to better understand the advantages, please call our toll free number 1-877-7REIVAX.

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