REIVAX is awarded a GE EX2100 upgrade

REIVAX is awarded a GE EX2100 upgrade

REIVAX is awarded a GE EX2100 upgrade 1316 536 REIVAX


Montreal (January 31st, 2024) – REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, a leading provider of excitation systems and digital governors, was awarded a contract to replace aging GE EX2100 excitation controls.

The EX2100 system was installed in 2009 and technical support and spares were becoming difficult to acquire. While the power section was in good condition, the diagnostics for the control section was lacking ease of use.  For this reason, the customer decided to replace the EX2100 excitation controls with REIVAX RTX Power controls while maintaining the existing power section.

Under the contract REIVAX will be providing a new RTX Power excitation control panel with redundant controllers and I/O units as well as new SCR bridge interfaces. The existing SCR bridges, AC breaker, bus bars and discharge circuit will be maintained.

REIVAX has a wide expertise in “front-end” control upgrades of other OEM equipment, including excitation systems from ABB, Basler, GE, Andritz and Prime Power/Siemens. There are over 150 front-end control upgrades installed with REIVAX excitation controllers.

“REIVAX new RTX Power excitation front-end control upgrade will solve the customer’s problem of parts obsolescence and support, while at the same time providing the customer with tools to easily perform model validation testing on their own” said Mike Wallin, CEO and President of REIVAX NORTH AMERICA


REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, part of a global company, headquartered in Montreal with manufacturing in Houston, provides solutions in static excitation systems and digital governors.

Our high-performance systems offer customers increased reliability while creating simplicity in the station from our very intuitive Human Machine Interface panels and easily maintained equipment. We provide our customers with complete support through commissioning, training, spare parts and service available 24 hours per day year-round through our toll-free number 1-877-7REIVAX.

If you would like more information please check our our latest case studies and learn more about what solutions we can provide for: excitation systems, digital governors and combined systems.