REIVAX is Awarded Manitoba Hydro Agreement

REIVAX is Awarded Manitoba Hydro Agreement

REIVAX is Awarded Manitoba Hydro Agreement 960 640 REIVAX


Montreal (April 9, 2021) – REIVAX NORTH AMERICA is pleased to welcome Manitoba Hydro as its newest customer. On March 15th of 2021, Reivax signed an agreement with Manitoba Hydro to supply up to seventy (70) static excitation systems over a ten (10) year period.

The agreement includes some of the largest hydro stations in North America and the unique remote locations of the most northern plants imposes additional challenges.  As such, the excitation systems are required to operate during extreme variations in system voltage, frequency and harmonic distortion in case of a filter bank failure in the Owner’s HVDC converter station.

Reivax RTX Power static excitation system provides very fast response and the fully redundant solution provides the highest possible equipment reliability. The very intuitive HMI interface will also simplify maintenance and regulatory testing for Manitoba Hydro.

“Manitoba Hydro is a top tier Canadian utility and Reivax North America is honored to have been selected for this contract.  Both companies have a very strong engineering background and we are certain this aspect will yield mutually beneficial results”, said Mike Wallin, CEO and President of REIVAX NORTH AMERICA



REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, part of a global company, headquartered in Montreal with manufacturing in Houston, provides solutions in static excitation systems and digital governors. Our high-performance systems offer customers increased reliability while creating simplicity in the station from our very intuitive Human Machine Interface panels and easily maintained equipment. We provide our customers with complete support through commissioning, training, spare parts and service available 24 hours per day year-round through our toll-free number 1-877-7REIVAX.

If you would like more information please check our our latest case studies and learn more about what solutions we can provide for: excitation systems, digital governors and combined systems.