REIVAX is awarded three (3) combined Excitation and Governor systems

REIVAX is awarded three (3) combined Excitation and Governor systems

REIVAX is awarded three (3) combined Excitation and Governor systems 2560 1440 REIVAX


Montreal (April 10th, 2024) – REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, a leading provider of excitation systems and digital governors, was awarded a contract to replace Excitation Systems, Governors and auxiliary systems on three (3) Kaplan units with a total capacity of 122 MVA.

REIVAX’s supply of equipment will be integrated to the plants overall digital upgrade project, featured in HydroReview.

Over the last years, the customer had been having difficulties to find technical support and spare parts for the existing FUJI Excitation and Governor systems.  As a result, an open tender was initiated to equipment manufacturers.

REIVAX proposed solution RTVX Power combined Excitation and Governor system is a unique offering where all control logic is implemented in the same hardware.  After an evaluation period, the customer concluded that REIVAX offer was superior due to the ease of maintaining and operating the systems.  The approach reduces the number of possible failure points and therefore increases the overall system reliability.

Under the contract, REIVAX is also replacing distribution valves, pilot interfaces and feedback sensors for both the Wicket Gates and Runner Blades.  Additional scope awarded to REIVAX includes mechanical overspeed devices with hydraulic/electrical activation and new air brake solenoid valves. Additional scope that may be added at a later stage may include REIVAX ECCO solution which will allow the customer to increase the turbine efficiency by ensuring that the combination curve is always optimized at any given net head.

“REIVAX is seeing more and more demand for combined Excitation and Governor systems as customers are taking advantage of the higher system reliability, reduced spare part inventory and ease for plant personnel in only having to learn one tool for programming and diagnostics” said Mike Wallin, CEO and President of REIVAX NORTH AMERICA


REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, part of a global company, headquartered in Montreal with manufacturing in Houston, provides solutions in static excitation systems and digital governors.

Our high-performance systems offer customers increased reliability while creating simplicity in the station from our very intuitive Human Machine Interface panels and easily maintained equipment. We provide our customers with complete support through commissioning, training, spare parts and service available 24 hours per day year-round through our toll-free number 1-877-7REIVAX.

If you would like more information please check our our latest case studies and learn more about what solutions we can provide for: excitation systems, digital governors and combined systems.