REIVAX Supplying Excitation Systems to USACE Clarence Cannon Hydro Station

REIVAX Supplying Excitation Systems to USACE Clarence Cannon Hydro Station

REIVAX Supplying Excitation Systems to USACE Clarence Cannon Hydro Station 416 286 REIVAX


REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, a leading provider of excitation systems and speed governors, has been awarded the contract as a prime supplier to refurbish two (2) static excitation systems, model RTX Power, to the USACE Clarence Cannon station in Monroe, Missouri. Each RTX Power excitation system includes redundant controllers and withdrawable redundant thyristor bridges.

For this specific project, REIVAX proposed a complete system oversized for 1,000Adc to run at a lower operating temperature, which provides for increased reliability as well as increased longevity of the system. Aside from Excitation Systems and Excitation Transformers (PPTs), the turn-key scope also included non-segregated AC and DC bus duct, asbestos work, collector ring work, generator CT installation and unit control board work with a remote HMI panel.

“The experience gathered on the USACE Barkley project, also awarded to REIVAX, and the excellent teamwork with the Barkley plant personnel, ultimately lead to a high-quality installation ahead of the contractual completion date. This provided the Clarence Cannon project team with the confidence that REIVAX will successfully execute the project,” said Mike Wallin, CEO and President of REIVAX NORTH AMERICA.

Once again REIVAX proudly maintains its tradition as a supplier of static excitation systems for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). With Clarence Cannon, REIVAX will have thirty-one (31) RTX Power excitation systems installed with USACE in the MRO and SERC regions.


REIVAX NORTH AMERICA, part of a global company, headquartered in Montreal with manufacturing in Houston, provides solutions in static excitation systems, and digital governors. Our high-performance systems offer customers increased reliability while creating simplicity in the station from our very intuitive Human Machine Interface panels and easily maintained equipment. We provide our customers with complete support through commissioning, training, spare parts and service available 24 hours per day year-round through our toll-free number 1-877-7REIVAX.

If you would like more information please check our latest case studies and learn more about what solutions we can provide for: excitation systems, digital governors and combined systems.