3 x 190MVA Exciters Awarded to REIVAX

3 x 190MVA Exciters Awarded to REIVAX

3 x 190MVA Exciters Awarded to REIVAX 1139 1200 REIVAX

Reivax North America to supply static excitation systems to Seattle City Light in partnership with GE Renewable


Reivax North America (REIVAX) is proud to be selected as the supplier of static excitation systems for the Boundary Dam generator retrofits. With GE Renewable (GE) as the prime contractor for the project, REIVAX will be supplying three (3) RTX Power static excitation systems and three (3) excitation transformers.

Seattle City Light (SCL) is undertaking a significant project to upgrade the generators at their Boundary Dam power station, which supplies Seattle with a large portion of their electricity needs. Boundary Dam provides nearly half of the power generated by SCL.

The three 190 MVA generators each will be outfitted with RTX POWER static excitation systems with redundant controllers and N+1 thyristor bridges.  In addition to a local 15” HMI panel for each unit, remote HMI panels will be installed in the control room to access the three (3) static excitation systems.

One significant benefit of the RTX POWER system is the mechanical flexibility. For the Boundary site, this was a vital aspect as the uprated static excitation system is replacing a smaller exciter and a new location for the exciter was required.  REIVAX’s and GE’s engineers worked together to find the best configuration for the static excitation system in order to optimize the overall installation work.

The Boundary project will deliver three (3) full excitation systems, one system per year, between 2019-2021.

REIVAX has also been awarded a second separate contract directly with Seattle City Light for the supply of two (2) static excitation systems for their Cedar Falls hydro station.


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