REIVAX is Awarded an Excitation System Controls Upgrade for Siemens EX-2

REIVAX is Awarded an Excitation System Controls Upgrade for Siemens EX-2

REIVAX is Awarded an Excitation System Controls Upgrade for Siemens EX-2 750 500 REIVAX


This new award is the direct result of Reivax’s successful controls upgrade of a previous Siemens EX-2 excitation system at the same hydro station in 2018.

The obsolescence of Siemens EX-2 control components was the main driver for the upgrade, but the unit also had experienced reliability issues of the existing thyristor converter.

The existing excitation equipment is installed in an outdoor e-house, severely limiting accessibility in order to remove and replace old equipment. As such, a complete replacement of the static excitation system would have involved removing the roof of the e-house, which would have been a challenging effort.  To alleviate these concerns, Reivax proposed a drop-in replacement thyristor bridge in place of the original Siemens thyristor bridge.  The new thyristor bridge was able to fit through the man door of the e-house.  The existing cubicles with AC breaker, crowbar, field flashing and bus bars were all re-used.

The hydro plant is located in Alabama spanning across the Tennessee River. The total generation capacity of the plant is more than 400 MW.

The Reivax intuitive 15” local HMI panel allows the customer to take full advantage of the improved diagnostic features that will assist future maintenance of the system.

Reivax flexible high performance RTX Power excitation controller has been the product of choice for many customers when retrofitting an aging ABB UNITROL, Basler, Siemens, GE or other excitation OEM equipment.



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